Recycling is “required” as part of your State ABC License.
Mecklenburg County wants to make recycling easy for you!

See Steps to recycle for restaurants / bars
Per G.S 18B-1006.1, ABC Permit Holaders are required to recycle ABC beverage containers sold on premises.
All beverage containers that are recyclable, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminum cans MUST be placed in the recycle bin. This includes all containers, even if the container did not originally hold an alcoholic beverage (plastic water bottles and soda cans). Containers sold for individual consumption (beer bottles) and larger containers that individual drinks are poured from (wine bottles and spirituous liquor bottles) must be collected and recycled.

Only Recycle the items show below

Keep your recyclables CLEAN and CLEAR OF WASTE.


Make sure the items shown below DO NOT go into the recycle bin

See Steps to recycle for restaurants / bars

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